Web design continues to change rapidly. Clients are learning to operate their own web sites and e-commerce through Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS), Word Press, Joomla, Shopify, Blog and other publishing platforms with similar aesthetics. Some are more difficult to develop than others, and having experience in html still holds value, but certainly not like in the past.

The goal is to have a web site that functions across all media (desktops, tablets and phones). Responsive mode is the key to a successful online business or marketing campaign. Your client can’t make a purchase if the user experience fails. Too many pages, no organization, they can’t view the product or maneuver easily through your site from their smart phone. Time to cut to the chase!

After many years designing custom websites with Adobe Suite and Dreamweaver, I came across Theme Trust They feature wonderful WordPress themes, some featuring the amazing Visual Composer Page Builder, which is as custom design as it gets. I developed my last three websites using the following themes and have had great success capturing the vision of the clients.

Theme (Swell)  – www.bodytechusa.com, featuring strength training information.

Theme (Filtered) – www.IPAPower.com, featuring a powerlifting federation, Events, Records, Results

Theme (Port) – www.scottdwebgraphics.com, a UX Designer portfolio (my site)

Web Graphics – Product Design – Westside Barbell Speed & Strength Development, Columbus, OH